To monitor health parameters or to measure your performance, sports watches add more and more functions. Here, the best in the market. If you enjoy measuring your performance and monitoring your physical condition while exercising, you can peek into a universe of devices that have more and better options. Learn which brands and models make up the ranking of the best sports watch in 2019 and add a good ally when training.

For men, for women, for children. Submersible, intelligent, digital, analog, combined, with interchangeable straps and with more or less functions. The range is as huge as the prices, design and qualities. Casual or elegant, there is something for everyone. Go to this list and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Apple Watch Series 4

One of the great novelties of Apple last year was the renewal of its watch, the Apple Watch Series 4. The brand of apple always falls in love and in its smartwatch segment they were not going to be left behind. The Apple Watch Series 4 aimed to be one of the stars of the brand and has not disappointed. We could summarize this smartwatch with the phrase “more information on the wrist and more focus on health”.

Garmin Fenix ​​5

This sports watch is one of the latest versions of a brand that stomps on wearables and smartwatches for running. Its design is designed to be suitable for women or men. It guarantees quality and durability, looks precisely at the heart rate and has an excellent GPS system and GLONASS technology, which allows you to have greater accuracy in your positioning. Its electronic compass guarantees you to follow your route well and has a weather alarm in charge of notifying you in case of bad weather. In addition, its Garmin Connect application helps to synchronize workouts, obtain performance indicators and design exercise routines.

Garmin Forerunner 35

In the range of Garmin options, the best option if you are looking for price-quality is the Forerunner 35, which has features of high-end sports watches. Integrated with GPS and heart rate monitor, it has training functions and is excellent for running, cycling and other exercises that involve cardiovascular requirements.

FitBit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic is the sports smartwatch designed for you to enjoy while improving your health and fitness. A device that will not only give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals, but also, among many other things, serves as a personal trainer since it advises you on how to evolve towards a better physical and health.

Apex Premium Choirs

It is an excellent option for lovers of innovative designs, since it combines an elegant design with good technology. It has a good ability to analyze your workouts, interchangeable straps and titanium alloy bezel.

Hopefully the above list is useful for you. One more thing, whatever type of watch you choose, be sure to deal only with reputable shops. If you want to buy online, buying from The Watch Company is a good option.