Adidas is designing a retro-style jersey for all 31 NHL teams for the 2020-21 season and they just released a video teasing what each one will look like.

Here are all 31 jerseys in a cartoon, vector style from the video, compiled by Icethetics…

Edmonton’s jersey is up on the far right side of the second row.

As expected, the Oilers’ Reverse Retro jersey will be similar to a look that the team featured all the way back in their WHA days. The jersey has a white body with orange stripes and orange shoulders.

The one part we don’t yet know is what the logo on the front will look like. Back in March, Icethetics put out a mockup as to what they figured Edmonton’s new retro jersey would look like, and it featured an orange logo with dark blue lettering.

It’s really no surprise to see the Oilers roll with a jersey that heavily features orange, as there seems to be a concerted effort to make that a key part of the team’s aesthetic. They rock full-on orange jerseys at home and the team’s new alternate jerseys released for the 2019-20 season feature orange logo text and stripes.

It’s difficult to get a gauge of what the jerseys look like in Adidas’ hype video, but it looks like it’ll have a similar clean, simple look to those aforementioned dark blue alternates that came out last season.