We already know that the Calgary Flames will be going “full retro” in 2020-21 (and beyond), with the gorgeous 1980s vintage sweaters becoming their full-time home and road jerseys. We already know that the old red home jersey (with black C) will become the third jersey.

But Adidas and the Flames have teased a fourth jersey as part of the long-rumoured “reverse retro” series.

Now, this tease strongly suggests that the Flames will have a black jersey for the first time since Blasty was retired following the 2005-06 season. The tease and colour scheme suggests two possibilities:

  • A black jersey with the retro white Flaming C (with yellow outline) as the crest (aka Black Retro)
  • A black jersey with a version of the Flaming Horse Head as the crest (aka Blasty 2.0)

We’ll find out for sure on Monday (Nov. 16) when the full line of fourth jerseys are introduced by Adidas and the NHL.