He states there's been" no"interaction with the NHL. CBC Sports: Would you state it's been a favorable thing splitting with the NHL? I had my circumstances with Bill Peters where I was called the N-word and quite much got banished from the NHL and made out to be that it was my concern. CBC Sports: What has the HDA been up to since its split from the NHL? Aliu: We desire to be a hands-on entity where we want to provide our expertise and our experiences through 9 present and former NHL gamers to help kids of colour and to help grow the video game and be more diverse and inclusive.

King Jr. Day although many state the league is still dealing with diversity issues. 2:00 CBC Sports: Does it reveal any sort of progressiveness that DeAngelo was eventually waived, not chose up and appears to be banished? Aliu: I don't know for how long that

's going to last. I imply, it's one of those things where for me, it lasted 10 years and it's still going on and for him it may be a couple

of months. I think we'll see. We'll see the difference. CBC Sports: What do you think when you're seeing a video game and see a sign that states 'end bigotry 'in the arena? Aliu: It's one of those things that are regrettable, but at the very same time, I'm happy that it's coming to a head now and just time will tell if there's going to be any real significant modification. I believe people of colour have actually been hoping

and waiting for modification for centuries. So I believe we deserve it. And it's time. The time is now for some real, impactful modification. CBC Sports: What has the HDA been up to given that its split from the NHL? Aliu: We want to be a hands-on entity where we wish to provide our knowledge and our experiences through nine former and existing NHL gamers to assist kids of colour and to assist grow the game and be more diverse and inclusive. Obviously, with COVID, it'sa hard situation and you can't really do anything face to face.

behind the scenes, we're developing programs with individuals like Scotiabank that we're really thrilled to roll out here quickly, disallowing any setbacks. VIEW

The NHL's"hockey is for everyone "slogan motto accuratePrecise says former player and Hockey Diversity Alliance co-founder Akim Aliu. "It's just ridiculous to me how you can say things like that when your league is 96 per cent white. NHL honours O'Ree, however diversity issues stay:

Sixty-three years after Willie O'Ree became the first black gamer in an NHL game, the league paid homage to him on Martin Luther

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