A collection of the most recent and best articles at Canucksarmy and the NHL, in this weeks Nation Roundup brought to you by Sumo Jerky.

In the Roundup, we go around Canucksarmy and Nation Network to give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Why the best is yet to come for Virtanen (Stephan Roget)

How re-signing Toffoli affects the Expansion Draft (Stephan Roget)

Early returns: J.T. Miller trade paying off (Zach Laing)

How much will it cost the Canucks to keep both goalies past the Expansion draft? (Stephan Roget)

Retrospective: Loui Eriksson with the Vancouver Canucks (Zach Laing)

Dr. Fauci suggest pro sports could return with empty stadiums (Zach Laing)

NHL examining a late start to the 20-21 season (Zach Laing)

Prospects, prognostications and Goldobin’s departure (Jackson McDonald)

Brian Burke says Sedin trade is his most under appreciated move (Zach Laing)

A conversation with former Canuck Corey Hirsch (Always904)

More from around the Network and the NHL

CBA school: Article 18 – On ice supplementary discipline (Flamesnation)

It really looks like the Blues aren’t going to sign Pietrangelo (Leafsnation)

Hyman wants to be a Leaf long term but can they afford him? (Leafsnation)

The Leafs Top players outside the NHL (Leafsnation)

Auston Matthews is the best goal scorer in the league right now (Leafsnation)

Jets and Byfuglien agree to contract termination (Jetsnation)

#Dalestrong: Hawerchuk completes chemotherapy (Jetsnation)

The implications of a flat salary cap for Flames in 20-21 (Flamesnation)

Top 40 All time Flames: Dion Phaneuf (Flamesnation)

Lost revenue, uncertainty and the salary cap (Oilersnation)

Hope floats (Oilersnation)

One month in, how are you doing? (Oilersnation)

Does Tippett deserve a Jack Adams nomination? (Oilersnation) – Scrap of the week