An image – the very one you see up top – that was floated on /r/WinnipegJets that ended up making it’s way to social media suggested that the jerseys for the 2019 Heritage Classic in Regina, Saskatchewan, between the Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames had been leaked.

This isn’t quite the case as the image was actually a concept created by Dallas Kirkpatrick for

But according to Icethetics, we shouldn’t be surprised if this is pretty close to what we’ll see on October 26th.

“Dallas Kirkpatrick offers up his guess on what the clubs will wear. I have it on good authority that he’s right on target. So this is less a concept and more a preview of what’s to come.”

As is always the case with the NHL’s Heritage Classic games, we fully expect the Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames to take to the ice wearing throwback gear that harkens back to previous generations of hockey. The jerseys worn for the game are almost typically brand new made to debut at the event which made for a pair of interesting looks in the first Classics played for both teams.

The Flames went into their 2011 Classic against the Montreal Canadiens having already worn their red 80’s retro look a handful of times, so they broke out a much different look than they had ever had, a look that had a 1950’s era feel with a darker, almost maroon looking red, multiple yellow horizontal stripes and cream colored pants.

The Jets in 2016 as you know brought out a look a little more faithful to the early 80’s era of Winnipeg hockey, but the jersey did deviate from the original with a darker blue and red look as well as thicker stripes. That jersey has been used multiple times since the game as an unofficial “fourth” team jersey.

So with that in mind, Mr. Kirkpatrick‘s concept checks off a couple of boxes needed for potential Heritage Classic unis. The Flames have never worn a white version of their 80’s retro look and the Jets going with a “home blue” version of the super popular Heritage 2016 look also makes a lot of sense and will likely make a lot of money based on the reactions we say from our Twitter followers when we first mentioned the new look.

Of course, it’s still not to late for the Jets and Flames to go with our ideas for potential retro unis…

Again, a big thank you to Chris over If you’re a fan of hockey logos and uniforms, it’s a must follow especially as it’s a site always on top of breaking news on that front. Just recently they posted a very interesting Jets concept – not related to any Heritage Classic looks – that I am sure many fans who “love” the Jets powder blue alts would be very interested in seeing.