Based in Vancouver, Granato attends Vancouver Canucks video games where she enjoys and examine players. During games Granato jots down notes about different player's skating skills, their offensive and protective abilities."I feel like it's a natural thing to see players. I feel its a natural thing to watch players. I've done it my whole life, seeing hockey, observing specific tendencies of gamers.

Evaluating hockey talent is absolutely nothing new to Cammi Granato.

In the past, the Olympic gold medallist would argue the strengths and weakness of players either with her siblings around the household table, or later with her other half Ray Ferraro, a previous NHL gamer and current broadcaster.

Granato's evaluations and ideas bring even more weight now that she is the only woman scout in the NHL.

"Your viewpoint in fact matters," stated the previous U.S. Olympic team captain and Hockey Hall of Famer. "It [utilized to] only matter when Ray and I bet, and I would win the bet. I would be thrilled I was right."

Granato has actually been employed by the Seattle growth group as one of five expert scouts as the franchise prepares to start play in the 2021-22 season.

Based in Vancouver, Granato participates in Vancouver Canucks video games where she enjoys and evaluate players. Her observations and opinions will assist construct a data base for when the yet-to-be-named Seattle team starts filling its roster.

"We've been told a little bit of what to try to find as far as a gamer's properties or capabilities," Granato said. "We have not determined what the real determine of the team will be made up of, what type of players in specific we are trying to find.

Granata jokes she refined her evaluation abilities arguing over players with her husband Ray Ferraro, right, a previous NHLer and existing broadcaster. (Getty Images)

"Right now, the significance is to get a data base, not just for the expansion draft, however also when we're through with that."

Throughout games Granato writes down notes about various player's skating abilities, their protective and offending abilities. She wishes to see how they react in back-to-back video games and attempts to evaluate the intangibles like attitude and contend level.

"You can't see it all in one game," she said. "I'm going to require a great deal of games to see all of those things.

"You definitely can determine a few of them as you view. When you are enjoying the same department over and over you begin to unveil those elements of the game."

Granato has actually played hockey at college and the elite international level and has worked as a colour analyst, however she confesses being a scout is a brand-new experience.

"There is a discovering curve," she stated. "I'm going into it knowing I have a lot to find out. I'm keeping a really open mind to ensure they are my opinions and not what other individuals see.

"I seem like it's a natural thing to view players. I've done it my entire life, seeing hockey, noticing particular propensities of gamers."

There are distinctions between the women's and men's game, however the fundamentals stay the very same when evaluating skill.

I feel its a natural thing to watch players. I've done it my whole life, seeing hockey, seeing particular tendencies of gamers. - Cammi Granato "I believe it's based possibly on the fact I was an offending player who saw the ice actually well, "she said."I understand the competitiveness, I understood when you want the puck, when you want to score. I understand when you are confident and when you're not.

"Those sorts of things leap out at me a lot quicker. It's not gender based, just the type of gamer I was."

Scouts from other organizations are at many of the very same video games, collecting information which may decide trades this season and effect next year's draft. They are focusing on today while Granato is more focused on the future.

"You're constructing from scratch," she stated. "We're still two years out. In a manner there's not this urgency. You can take your time.

"For somebody like me who is brand-new in the scouting world, I can get a complete season under my belt finding out these players, discovering their tendencies. There is another year to watch them once again. I believe there are benefits to that. There is an enjoyment to building from scratch. It's truly cool."

When Seattle GM Ron Francis announced Granato's hiring he was determined she was selected since of her experience and accomplishments in the game, not due to the fact that she was a woman.

'I feel like I need to prove myself more'

Granato doesn't feel pressure but knows a lot of eyes are seeing her.

"I am absolutely mindful I am the only woman pro scout sitting up in journalism box," she stated. "I get it. It's not anything brand-new for me because that's sort of been the way it's been my entire life. I was always playing in a game that was considered a male's sport. I was always associated with something where we were either leaders or breaking barriers. It's nothing brand-new.

"I feel like I have to prove myself more. That's why I'm truly striving to make all my reports based on my thoughts. I'm actually attempting to remain focused on my opinions."

Granato feels invited in the searching community. And she does not care if some people secretly don't believe she belongs.

"It's not something I haven't dealt with in the past," she stated. "I've had a lot of individuals attempt to inform me I shouldn't remain in the game my whole life and I never ever listened to them. It just features the area and I'm fine with that. It doesn't trouble me.

"I want to give all my effort and be proficient at it."