B.C. Premier John Horgan has written to the National Hockey League offering Vancouver as an NHL hub city.

The Vancouver Canucks, too, have put forth a proposal for them t host games

“I have written to the head of the NHL as well as the NHL Players Association to offer British Columbia as a place to potentially restart the NHL assuming that the games would be played without audiences,” Horgan said.

Canucks COO Trent Carroll said they have a strong interest in hosting games.

“We would certainly have a strong interest in hosting games in Vancouver … provided the plan is in accordance with guidelines set by health authorities and the provincial government,” wrote Trent Carroll in an email to CBC.

The NHL has been examining the potential of hosting hockey games in one city in each division. Vancouver could be considered given how limited numbers of new cases are being discovered in the province.

Any games played would be done without fans at first and would all be aired on TV.

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