Another Wednesday in lockdown is upon us, and that means a fresh opportunity for your ol’ pal Baggedmilk to jump on the radio with the boys at The Locker Room to talk about what’s going on in the NHL and life while also trying to have a few laughs at the same time.

To kick off this week’s appearance, we jumped in with a look at quarantine life, including when it is acceptable to start drinking alcohol. Does coffee and Baileys count as starting to drink? Not in my opinion. From there, we looked at the CFL requesting a bailout from the federal government so I gave my thoughts about what the league means to the country and whether or not it will be able to survive without assistance. Despite not being a huge CFL fan myself, I can certainly understand the league’s importance to the community at large and why there are those that are hoping the feds helps them out. Lastly, we checked in quickly on the Edmonton Oilers as the team announced yesterday that they had re-signed Gaetan Haas to a one-year contract extension.

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