In this week’s episode, Michael Mazzei and I are joined by Erica L. Ayala, a colour analyst for the Boston Pride and Connecticut Whale and a freelance sports writer, and Omar, known as TicTacTOmar, a writer for Pension Plan Puppets. Erica and Omar join us for a very important discussion about racism and diversity in hockey and in sports. They discuss the significance of kneeling in sports, how bad hockey’s diversity problem has been, how the sport can be more accessible to people of colour, and how the NHL can better show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Time Stamps:

2:08: Toronto Maple Leafs, Jake Muzzin injury

4:05: Toronto Raptors finding success, standouts

7:30: Toronto Blue Jays expectations

10:55: Discussion with Erica Ayala and Omar (TicTacTOmar) about diversity issues in sports

  • 15:55: The significance of kneeling in sports and hockey
  • 44:30: Why does hockey struggle with diversity?
  • 53:51: Supporting the movement and taking action 
  • 1:24:00: How to be a better ally

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