In this week’s episode, Michael Mazzei and I recap what we missed in the previous week, share our thoughts on the NHL and NBA Draft lotteries, and redo the 2012 NBA Draft. We are then joined by Mike Stephens, an NHL analyst for Yahoo Sports Canada, and former managing editor of The Leafs Nation. We discuss his upbringing in the sports media landscape, his favourite memories covering the Marlies and his experience with the Dangle Navy team. We also reflect on the Leafs-Blue Jackets series, why the 2019-20 season was a wasted opportunity, how the team should approach the offseason, and what Bruce Boudreau could bring to the team.

Time Stamps:

3:30: Toronto Maple Leafs reactions, NHL playoffs

8:50: Toronto Raptors success, NBA Playoffs, Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers

17:55: 2012 NBA Redraft

34:55: Mike Stephens:

  • 35:40: How he got into sports media
  • 45:00: Why he loves Trevor Moore
  • 48:00: Stories from covering the Toronto Marlies
  • 53:05: Playing with the Dangle Navy
  • 56:50: Toronto Maple Leafs qualifying round impressions
  • 1:02:30: Who impressed and who disappointed?
  • 1:05:10: What to do with Frederik Andersen and Mitch Marner?
  • 1:16:45: Who should the Leafs trade?
  • 1:24:15: Bruce Boudreau, coaching decisions, ideal moves
  • 1:32:15: Stanley Cup predictions, Raptors talk

1:45:35: NHL and NBA draft lottery reactions

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