The NHL fined Columbus head coach John Tortorella $25,000 US on Tuesday for his conduct during a media session after the Blue Jackets' season-ending loss last week to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Blue Jackets were removed from the playoffs with a 5-4 overtime loss in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference first-round series on Aug. 19.

Tortorella invested less than a minute with press reporters after the game, answering two concerns prior to going out.

"You know what men, I'm not going to get into the touchy-feely things and the ethical success and all that," Tortorella stated after a concern about his group's experience in the Toronto bubble. "You guys be safe."

According to The Athletic, the 62-year-old Tortorella has been fined $162,000 US during his 19-year NHL coaching profession with the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vancouver Canucks and Blue Jackets.

In bying far the fine, the NHL was collecting on a "conditional" one released in January after Tortorella criticized officials and the league for what he viewed as a time-keeping mistake in a Dec. 29 loss to Chicago. He was required to go the remainder of the year with no conduct offenses to avoid the fine.

Tortorella is among 3 finalists for the Jack Adams Award for the league's finest coach.