Dustin Byfuglien watch continues and the latest development sees hockey insider Darren Dreger saying it’s time for the defenceman to hit the ice.

Byfuglien, as we all know, went for surgery on his own after suffering an ankle injury last year.

Dreger’s suggestion of the big man hitting the ice would be the natural next step in evaluating his ability to return to NHL action this season.

In late October, Dreger reported Byfuglien had surgery in the middle of that month with a “loose timeline on recovery” that was upwards of four months.

A February, or March return would be reasonable given that suggested timeline. The relationship between the club and the player don’t appear to be strained, so there may be a chance Byfuglien could return to the club.

If he was to, he would be a huge addition to the club as contend for a playoff spot in the Central Division. Despite being in his mid-30s, Byfuglien has continued to be a strong contributor for the club.

Over the last three seasons, he’s continued to drive play and post very solid goal rates. He’s contributed very well offensively, too, scoring 128 points in 191 games over that time all the while playing nearly 26 minutes a night.

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