The Canucks for Kids fund is teaming up with the Canucks Autism Network to raise money through a million dollar 50/50.

The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) announced that a major 50/50 draw would begin on Monday morning in a press release saying:

“The Canucks for Kids Fund, in partnership with CAN, is excited to announce a special 50/50 draw where the jackpot is expected to surpass $1,000,000 with a guaranteed minimum prize of $500,000!”

The CAN has been forced to cancel the CAN Pro-Am, Fishing for Kids tournament and HM Commercial Ride for Autism. With all these fundraisers being cancelled, they are partnering up with the Canucks for Kids to help raise money for the CAN.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge challenge for our beneficiaries, so we are doing what we can to support the Canucks Autism Network and others in the weeks and months ahead,” said Paolo Aquilini, President of the Canucks for Kids Fund.

Since March, CAN has developed 14 weekly virtual programs, filling over 700 program spots. Ranging from pre-recorded videos to live programs hosted on Zoom, programs have included Virtual Hockey, Movement, Movie Club and more. In-person programs are being gradually reintroduced with strict health regulations in place across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Interior. Already, hundreds of participants and families have benefited while adhering to heightened safety protocols and physical distancing.

The Canucks for Kids fund ran their 50/50 raffles supporting Covid-19 relief efforts during the Canucks’ most recent playoff run. Those raffles generated $3,652,213 for local charities. Some of those charities were in support of mental health, organizations supporting community nourishment and children’s support programming during Covid-19 relief efforts.

“Funds from this 50/50 will be absolutely vital in helping us continue virtual programs that have allowed us to reach participants isolated at home while re-introducing in-person programs in the safest way possible,” said Britt Andersen, CEO at Canucks Autism Network. “CAN’s ability to raise funds during the pandemic has been significantly impacted, yet the need to help kids, youth and adults with autism have never been greater.”

For anyone who has never been to a CAN event, they do an incredible job showcasing what the network is all about. The events always generate big crowds and are engaging with the audience and the members of the CAN.

The 50/50 draw sales will run all the way up until 9:30 PM on Monday, November 2nd.

Fans can select from one of four ticket pack options:

-3 Tickets for $5
-7 Tickets for $10
-50 Tickets for $20
-150 Tickets for $50

Tickets and more information is available here or at