The Vancouver Canucks have their signed their last remaining Restricted Free Agent and their most important one. Brock Boeser has signed a three-year, $17.625-million ($5.875-million AAV) deal and will be with the team before the regular season begins.

Due to its three-year term, the contract will expire and the winger will still remain a Restricted Free Agent, holding off on his free agency years. The three years will also buy up all of Boeser’s pre-arbitration years, taking him right to being eligible for arbitration in the summer of 2022.

After 2022, the Canucks have only Bo Horvat, J.T. Miller, Tyler Myers, and Micheal Ferland signed to contracts. A lot of roster flexibility is to come once the payroll lightens with the veterans expiring.

Vancouver are currently over the cap by just less than $1-million, but are currently holding 24 players on their roster, over the 23-man limit. With training camp progressing and the preseason crawling along, the team will eventually make the correct roster moves to easily fit Boeser’s new cap hit under the ceiling. Nothing to worry about.

Last season, Boeser scored a career-high 56 points through 69 games. He was also able to play the most games he has played in a single season during his young professional career.

This season should be a big transition for the team — making win-now moves this summer and trading away future assets for improvements on their current roster. With Boeser in attendance right from the beginning, the Canucks should have a better chance than before to win more games than they lose for the first time since 2015.