Hello Canucksarmy!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Zach Laing and I’m the Nation Network’s News Director and today, I come with some exciting news about the future of this website.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that David Quadrelli will be taking over the reins as the Managing Editor of this storied site.

Quadrelli has been writing about the Canucks for some time now, and has been apart of the Canucksarmy team since last November. He’s done some work covering some post games for the site, as well as some deep dives on multiple different players. Recently, Quadrelli took part in the Botchford Project where he wrote about Quinn Hughes.

I sat down and had an (internet) chat with David to talk about who he is and what he’ll be bringing to the team. Enjoy!

Zach Laing: David, first of all, congratulations on the new role. Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got your start writing about hockey.

David: First and foremost I like to think I’m a pretty nice guy. I think I’m like Canuck Clay in that way, just on a much lower scale (have you ever talked to that guy? Your mood will instantly be lifted, I kid you not!). In terms of writing, I began writing about hockey while studying English at SFU with hopes of becoming a teacher. I had a few bad experiences at University (and some good ones) but ultimately decided that I’d leave to pursue writing about hockey. It was a crazy dream and one that I promised to give my all right from day one. I reached out to Chris Faber via Twitter DM and he helped me get started writing at a place called The Canuck Way. After two months as a contributor, I was promoted to the co-Site Editor position and stayed there for about a year. Then in November, I joined Canucks Army as a contributor before leaving TCW completely at the start of January. I wrote for Pass it to Bulis for a bit, and then the pandemic happened and the blogosphere kind of fell apart. So here we are!

Zach: And in terms of the Vancouver Canucks, why were they the team you began covering?

David: I grew up in Vancouver and have had a close bond with my grandfather for as long as I can remember. He’s an Italian immigrant, but he loves baseball and hockey, so after school I would walk to his house and we would watch a Jays game at 4, and Canucks game at 7 if there was one on that night. I’ve been watching hockey and the Canucks for as long as I can remember, and I absolutely loved writing and telling stories anyway, so I figured, why not try to put those abilities toward hockey?

Zach: You’ve already been writing at Cancksarmy since last November. What’s your experience been like here since?

David: Unbelievable. I’ve got many former CA contributors who have been great mentors to me. Thomas Drance, Patrick Johnston, JD Burke, and Ryan Biech to name a few. But when I started, Jackson McDonald was the ME. Probably the biggest reason I’ve improved as a writer is because of Jackson’s in-depth editing ability and the advice he gave me each time I submitted an article. As I said on Twitter, if I can be half as good at editing as Jackson is, I’ll be just fine in my new role.

Zach: You were selected by Kat Botchford as one of the participants in the Botchford Project initiative to honour the late Jason Botchford. What was that experience like?

David: Yeah, that was pretty crazy. The experience was phenomenal. I had the opportunity of meeting Drance, Biecher, JPat, and so many others on that day and that was simply invaluable. Everybody right down to the guys from 650 and 1040 were introducing themselves and some were even offering their phone numbers for if I ever needed anything. Going to morning skate and talking to players in the locker room was great, and obviously watching a game from Jason’s seat was simply remarkable. The best part, however, was hands down meeting Kat, who gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received. She told me to be myself, find my own thing, and do it better than anyone else. That advice has stuck with me and is something I think about often. The Botchford Project was something I’ll never forget.

Zach: Lastly, what’s excites you most about taking on this new role as the Managing Editor of Canucksarmy?

David: I think it’s knowing what the role means. All the great people who have held it before me, I want to make them proud. I want to give this my all and try to put out the best content that we can as a site. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish!

Make sure you go and follow David on Twitter and give him a warm welcome.

On Twitter: @zjlaing