Last week on Instagram, Edmonton Oilers captain, Connor McDavid, announced that he and Gary Roberts would be releasing a series of videos to help folks stay fit at home. Today, he released the first chapter in the set.

Originally thought up by McDavid’s agent, Jeff Jackson, he “had the idea that Gary and Connor could put together a really simple weekly exercise thing designed for kids. Every mom and dad are going through what we’re going through. Kids are playing video games, or they’re driving their parents crazy. So maybe this is a half-hour of a kid’s day. Take their iPad, do the exercises.”

Speaking to ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski, Roberts further explained that the purpose of the series is “about teaching kids how to do a workout when they just have their bodies” which eliminates any barrier to entry that may have stood in the way of trying to keep fit while stuck at home.

So what’s on tap for round 1?

  • 10x bodyweight squats
  • 45 second wall-sit
  • 10x push-ups
  • 30 second split squat hold on each leg
  • Repeat this set 4 times

No problem, Connor, we’ve got this. I’ll be strong like bull by the time this is over.