@Edmonton Oilers captain, @Connor McDavid, spoke to the media this morning and offered up an update on what’s going on with his injured leg and it has Twitter freaking the funk out.

In case you’ve spent your summer drinking away the brain cells that keep your memory functioning, our beloved captain was taken down by @Mark Giordano in the last game of the season, injuring his PCL in the process. At the time of his injury, we learned that the average PCL tear takes anywhere from four to 12 months to recover from and after five months on the shelf, it was revealed that there’s still a ways to go for the Oilers captain.

Speaking to the media ahead of the yearly BioSteel camp, Connor announced that he would not be participating this time around, instead he’d be focusing on his rehab so that he can be back in the mix in time for training camp. When asked about how his summer has gone, Connor admitted that this summer has been a busy one, though certainly not in a way he would have hoped.

“It’s been a long process. There’s been a lot that’s gone into it. Lots of different stuff. I’m lucky that I have some pretty good doctors working on it and a really good rehab team working on it. I’ve been really lucky.”

I just want to go on record and send out another offer to Connor that he can still have my leg if he needs it. I don’t know how we’d make that work, but I’m sure Elon Musk could figure it out.

“This is a camp that I enjoy, but I already worked out this morning and skated up at Gary (Roberts’), so I’m doing my own thing and I just need to focus on that right now.”

So when will he be ready?

“Just working towards getting to camp.”

Obviously, hearing the news that McDavid would be skipping the BioSteel camp was concerning for Oilers fans everywhere but I’m choosing the look at the positives. To me, I’d much rather hear that he’s working on his rehab and strengthening his knee to make sure that he’s ready for camp far more than skating at what amounts to being a meaningless summer camp.

Can you imagine how pissed off we’d all be if Connor participated at this BioSteel thing and reaggravated his injury? I’d have a full-on psychotic episode, so, rather than living in the dark pit of despair that is a Connor-less existence, I’m choosing to look for silver linings instead of freaking out just yet. Besides, we still have a ways to go before the boys are back in town and I hope that the extra time is exactly what Connor needs to get back to being where he needs to be.

When asked about when he got back on the ice, McDavid simply replied with “a couple of months ago.” Gord speed, good sir.  There aren’t enough words in the English language to truly express how much we need you.

On the James Neal for Milan Lucic trade:

There’s no doubt that the biggest piece of work that Ken Holland pulled off this summer was easily the @James Neal for @Milan Lucic trade that happened back in mid-July. Not only did we all meltdown here on the website, but we also had good fun watching Calgary Flames fans freaking out about it. Frankly, I think we should all take a moment to remember the wonder and glory of that magical day. *remembers*

When Connor McDavid was asked about the deal, as expected, he took the high road as only he can.

“First off, we’re going to miss (Milan Lucic). He came in and did a lot for our group. Definitely learned a lot from him both on and off the ice. He’s a true professional and he’s got a great family and we’ll miss them all. I think that needs to be said.”

Amen, Connor. I think we all wish him the best. But how about James Neal, though?

“Obviously with Neal coming, he’s a guy who’s won everywhere he’s been, he’s scored everywhere he’s been with the exception of last year. I’ve had the opportunity to work out with him at Gary Roberts’ facility for a few summers now and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him work harder. He’s doing everything right. He’s really looking to have a bounce back year and we’re excited about it.”

Now, all we have to do is hope that all this hard work gets Neal back on track to being the goalscorer we all know him to be. Can you imagine what it would be like to have two lines that can score?! *imagines*