On Wednesday morning, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ leading infectious disease expert and face of COVID-19 south of the border, spoke to Snapchat’s Peter Hamby about how professional sports could potentially get going again in the summer.

While specifically asked about whether or not an abbreviated MLB season could be possible, Dr Fauci suggested that sports leagues resuming could still be possible provided that they took major measures to keep everybody safe. According to Fauci, sports could potentially return but only if they played without fans.

“There’s a way of doing that. Nobody comes to the stadium. Put them (the players) in big hotels, you know, wherever you want to play, and keep them very well surveilled. Have them tested every week and make sure they don’t wind up infecting each other or their family, and just let them play the season out.”

While some folks have argued that fanless games would feature a lack of atmosphere, Fauci believes the public would buy into the idea if given the chance.

“I mean, people say that you can’t play without spectators… well… I think you’d probably get enough buy-in from people who are dying to see a baseball game, particularly me, I’m living in Washington and we have the world champion Washington Nationals and I want to see them play again.”

There’s no denying that games without fans would be very odd to say the least, having sports back in any form would provide some time away from the endless barrage of bad news we see on a daily basis provide a little bit of escapism that is so desperately needed in a time like this. Sports provide a great escape from everyday life and there would be plenty of value in having a piece of normalcy back in our routine.