After the absolute romping the Vancouver Canucks took part in over the Los Angeles Kings on Wednesday night, star defenceman Drew Doughty cried about the state of the team that beat the Kings 8-2.

Frankly, given the fact that the Canucks finished last season with 10 more points than the Kings — who finished dead last in the Pacific Division — they should be able to beat the old, decrepit Los Angeles team.

Not even taking into account that Vancouver improved on-paper in the off-season, while the Kings are still holding onto Ilya Kovalchuk and hoping he is able to generate something on the power play, this should in fact be the result.

Doughty finished last night without a single point and only two shots on goal, while fellow right-handed defenceman and complete defensive stalwart Christopher Tanev was able to score a goal — just to make it that more obvious that the Kings are in absolute shambles. Tanev scored a goal against you and your Conn Smythe-winning goaltender.

It might just be lack of awareness where the Kings are heading, but there isn’t a ton to be excited about when it comes to the Los Angeles hockey club.

Could we see a streak of the Canucks finishing higher than the Kings from now on? It’s a possibility, while Doughty just tries to fight with every Western Canadian NHL team while holding onto some sort of minute relevancy.