We are a little over a week since the ‘break up’ of Dustin Byfuglien and the Winnipeg Jets was made final and since that time multiple tributes have been written about his time with the Jets as well as speculation on what his future could be next season.

But maybe the best tributes yet was published on Friday by Andrew Zolondek who gathered pretty much every video clip one could find of Byfuglien and put it all together in a 19 minute long montage.

Everything from one of the first interviews given by a member of the club since the move from Atlanta to Winnipeg was announced, to his electrifying opening shift in the Jets first preseason game, through some of his more memorable goals over the years, his biggest hits, and funniest off the ice antics. It’s all here.

There isn’t really anything else that happened in Big Buff’s time as a Winnipeg Jet that I can think of that Andrew might have missed in this 19 minute video. Three of these memorable Byfuglien moments are part of The Athletic’s mini-tournament to decide on the ‘best’ play so far in Jets 2.0 history. and there were also some other ‘deep cuts’ from the Byfuglien archives that always get brought up – the long distance goals against the Washington Capitals and Arizona Coyotes, the dancing and dabbing he would break out after goals, the underrated creativeness he displayed on the ice.

It’s simply a fantastic video and a great trip down memory lane for not just Jets fans, but any hockey fan that laments that the game lacks personality. Buff had it in spades.

Hats off to Andrew for this. Make sure to drop a like on his video and be sure to give him a follow on Twitter @AndrewZolondek.