Pending UFA winger Tyler Ennis has been given the green light to begin skating again after breaking his leg, the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson reports.

Ennis, 30, suffered the broken leg in game three of the Oilers play-in series against Chicago. His skate got caught in a rut, and Ennis went crashing to the ice behind the Oilers net.

Down in obvious pain, Ennis had been helped off the ice and went straight to the Zamboni entrance.

News that Ennis can begin skating again is great to see and means his injury is healing up well. As I wrote about last month, I’d love to see the Oilers take a big swing at re-signing him.

According to a contract projection by Evolving Wild, the most likely contract for Ennis if he were to re-sign is a three-year deal paying him $2.84-m against the cap. A one year deal, however, projects to pay him $1.315-m.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the week ahead.

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