This morning, I was looking around the Internet for something to write about when I stumbled across, a website created as a place for fans to share their stories and memories about the great Joey Moss.

Brian MacKay, the man behind the website that helped people search for accommodations after fleeing the wildfires in Fort McMurray a few years ago, noticed that there wasn’t really a place for fans to share their stories and memories of Joey Moss after his passing earlier this week so he decided to create to do exactly that. According to the message posted on the landing page, the reason that Brian made the website was simple:

This site was created to allow friends and fans of Joey to share their stories, photos, condolences, and memories of Joey and all that he gave to the people of Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.

Brian also acknowledges on another section of the site that the possibility for a public memorial has all but been erased as a result of COVID-19, meaning that fans won’t really have a time or place to pay their respects and share stories about Moss which is why he created a place to do so. I loved the idea very much so I thought the best thing I could do was try to help boost his efforts.

MacKay shared his thoughts on the idea:

COVID-19 will make any public memorial for Joey difficult, if not impossible and while I’m sure the OIlers and EFC will have tributes for Joey when they return to play, I think people in Edmonton and surrounding areas are hurting over this loss now. I was laying awake in bed last night and thought it might be nice to have a place to share our stories, memories, photos, or share our condolences with the Moss family and with each other.

I never actually met Joey. But I’ve seen him at games in person and on television and he’s been part of my life since I was a little kid. My Dad was a huge Oilers fan and so I’ve “known” Joey for decades. His work to raise awareness for Down’s Syndrome and what people with DS can do has been incredible. Maybe no one will post here, but if you’re like me, maybe you’re looking for a place to share some positive stories in these tough times.

To this point, there hasn’t been much activity on the site just yet but I’m hoping we can help change that by raising a little bit of awareness for an idea that I personally think is a great one. As a fan of Moss for my entire life, I love the idea of having a place where fans can submit there on memories to go along with the amazing stories being told by players and media from around the National Hockey League.

If you’re interested, make your way over to and share your favourite Joey stories and memories.