It is looking more and more like the next time the Winnipeg Jets take to the ice, it will be against the Calgary Flames as the NHL puts some final touches on its proposed expanded 24 team playoff format.

And while fans do seem split on the idea of hockey coming back this summer with the threat of COVID-19 still looming over us, there seems to be little doubt from Twitter users who responded to our poll on Thursday that the Jets would fare well against the Flames.

To Finish Or Cancel The 2019-20 Season

With the NHL and (to a bit of a lesser degree) the NHLPA very intent in figuring out how to get back on the ice, while hockey media – likely desperate for something new to cover beyond zoom teleconferences – enthusiastically supporting a return, hockey fans in general would appear to be of two minds when it comes to a return of the sport.

This poll was posted before the 24 team playoff format gained traction with the league and players association over the last few days. We asked for your opinion and whether or not the fact that the Jets would be part of the expanded playoffs made you more open to summer hockey.

The ones who are in favor of summer playoff hockey made it clear. As long as it is done safely, drop the puck!

It’s worth noting that with the proposed 24 team playoff, training camps likely wouldn’t be until mid to late June and games wouldn’t be happening until July, carrying on through August and the awarding of the Stanley Cup likely happening in early September. This would push the 2020-21 season back to possibly a December or even January start.

With that, along with general health concerns weighing heavy on most people’s minds, there are others who are ready to scrap this season completely and wait a few extra months so that we can have a full hockey season that starts in October like it does pretty much every year.

There are also a group of fans who view the idea of a modified playoff as one that won’t carry the same prestige as previous seasons.

Fans Confident In Jets Versus Flames

Perhaps the result is skewed asking fans of a team that going into the unplanned pandemic break had a four game win streak, but when asking fans about what they expect in Jets versus Flames best of five series, the only thing that is in question is just how many games it would take the Jets to win the series.

For what it’s worth, the Flames had won three of their last four games before the break, but most fans seemed to feel that Connor Hellebuyck would be the difference in such a short series.