The Calgary Flames have announced the schedule and roster for their annual prospect development camp. The camp takes place at Winsport from July 4-7, with a controlled scrimmage taking place on the final day.

The camp roster includes 39 players – five goaltenders, 12 defensemen and 22 forwards.

Broken down by draft class:

  • 2019: Jakob Pelletier, Lucas Feuk, Josh Nodler and Dustin Wolf are all attending, with Ilya Nikolaev unable to attend due to team commitments in Russia.
  • 2018: Demetrious Koumontzis, Emilio Pettersen, Martin Pospisil, Milos Roman and Dmitry Zavgorodniy all attending
  • 2017: Adam Ruzicka and Filip Sveningsson attending. Juuso Valimaki is eligible to attend but isn’t on the roster.
  • 2016: Tyler Parsons, Linus Lindstrom, Mitchell Mattson, Eetu Tuulola and Matthew Phillips attending. Dillon Dube is eligible to attend but isn’t on the roster.

The intention seems to be to keep things to players that aren’t quite knocking on the door for NHL jobs, so Valimaki and Dube have arguably progressed beyond the point where they’re required to attend the camp. It’s also notable that AHL signees Robert Hamilton, Corey Schueneman and Mason Morelli are at the camp, presumably to help them integrate with potential Stockton Heat teammates.

The Flames have invited 14 players to the camp: Tristan Crozier, Ben Freeman, Andrew Fyten, Zach Giuttari, Ronnie Hein, Johannes Kinnvall, David Kope, James Malm, Christopher Merisier-Ortiz, Tommy Miller, Montana Onyebuchi, Chris Rifalk, Jerad Rosburg and Jackson van de Leest. We’ll have more detailed breakdowns of these players on Saturday, but it’s notable to see Calgary Hitmen forward Malm and defenseman van de Leest joining the Flames for the weekend.