The Calgary Flames have released the schedule for when they will be wearing their third “retro” jerseys, which this season includes both the classic red retro jersey and also the white Heritage Classic jersey.

The Flames will be wearing their third jerseys even more than they wore them last season, which is great because they are objectively the better jersey.

It’s fun that the away thirds which were unveiled for the Heritage Classic against Winnipeg will see action an additional two times. They will also be appearing Dec. 19 against Montreal, and Feb. 17 against Anaheim.

The main day that the Flames will wear their jerseys is Saturdays, meaning that those watching Hockey Night in Canada will get a healthy dose of the third jerseys. Other additional notable dates include the home opener on Saturday, New Year’s Eve against Chicago, and their season finale against Edmonton.

It’s interesting to see that the Flames have 18 dates in total in which they will wear their third jerseys. The NHL typically only lets teams wear their thirds 12 times during a season. One can only assume that this is because the NHL agrees that these jerseys are objectively the best.

Either that, or it’s just to help ease the transition into when the Flames hopefully make these their standard jerseys.