The Calgary Flames finished off their pre-Christmas schedule in disappointing fashion, losing 3-0 to the Minnesota Wild. The loss dropped the Flames to 8-3-1 over the 12 games since the coaching change.

Flames interim head coach Geoff Ward shared his thoughts with the media following the loss.

“We were pleased with our first period,” said Ward. “We came out of there pretty much even in chances. And we just gave up a few too many slot chances in the second. We tried to fight our way back in the third. It’s unfortunate that the goal wasn’t allowed. At the end of the day I don’t think I was disappointed with our start. There’s just a few things we need to clean up in our slot.”

Scoring chances were 23-20 Minnesota, but the Flames had an edge in high danger chances 10-5. They just couldn’t cash in. Ward gave Minnesota credit for their play away from the puck and their ability to protect the middle of the ice.

Flames get shut out

The Flames didn’t score against Minnesota. It was the fifth time this season they’ve been shut out. In 20 losses this season, the Flames have been shut out a quarter of the time.

For context, here’s how many times the Flames have been shut out in the Lockout Era:

Season Times Shut Out % of All Losses % of All Games
2005-06 5 14.3 6.1
2006-07 0 0.0 0.0
2007-08 6 15.0 7.3
2008-09 4 11.1 4.9
2009-10 5 11.9 6.1
2010-11 4 9.8 4.9
2011-12 6 13.3 7.3
2012-13 (48 GP) 3 10.3 6.3
2013-14 8 17.0 9.8
2014-15 4 10.8 4.9
2015-16 3 6.4 3.7
2016-17 4 10.8 4.9
2017-18 8 17.8 9.8
2018-19 5 15.6 6.1
2019-20 (39 GP) 5 25.0 12.8

Obviously these percentages won’t persist all season, otherwise the Flames will end up being shut out 10 times this season.

Poor Cam Talbot

Cam Talbot has won three times in 10 starts, which sounds bad. But six of his 10 outings have been on the second night of back to back games (with travel). He’s posted a .913 save percentage, which is respectable, but you’ve got to feel for him given the circumstances he’s been used in.

Granted, he’s the back-up and that’s the gig, but it’s still been tough sledding for him thus far as a Flame.