Halloween: it’s that amazing time of year that comes right smack-dab in between back-to-school flu season and the chaos of Christmas, Hannukkah, Diwali, Rosh Hashanah, and the intersection of all four major sports in play simultaneously.

For kids it’s fun and for parents it can be a bit of a nightmare, but for NHLers it’s another level entirely.

Thanks to a bit of financial muscle and plenty of time on their hands thanks to the unique nature of their lifestyles (and those of their partners, to boot), NHLers tend to take the art of Halloween-ing to the next level. From makeup done by professionals to costumes that look like they were hand-stitched by designers competing for Project Runway, the players and their families tend to go all out for the inevitable team parties in a way that’s rarely seen anywhere else.

The Canucks, of course, are no exception. They’ve put in the time and the effort to come up with everything from elite couple’s costumes to bizarre group getups, and they range from hilarious to impressive (with a little bit of everything in between).

Here’s what the team came up with this year, from boring to best:

No costumes posted publicly: Troy Stetcher, Brandon Sutter, Jordie Benn, Tyler Myers, J.T. Miller.

I’ll give Troy Stetcher and his girlfriend credit for their last-minute costume last year, though:

They automatically get ranked at the bottom because it’s last year’s costume, but this is hilarious and I love it.

Jacob Markstrom, Oscar Fantenberg, Loui Eriksson, and Alex Edler

The Peaky Blinders gangster thing is a little overplayed at this point, but it always looks good – and Alex Edler’s wife getting in on the game is phenomenal.

Bo and Holly Horvat

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“You’re the one that I want” #Grease

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Props for being cute, but points taken away for how disappointingly ‘normal’ this one is.

San Jose Sharks captain Logan Couture is, quite literally, dressed as a 30-year-old baby while his wife is a mummy. Horvat went the less-kinky route and we can all appreciate that, but it doesn’t get the high billing that the

Jake Virtanen, Chris Tanev, Thatcher Demko, Elias Pettersson, Brock Boeser, and Quinn Hughes

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Not the gumdrop #shrek

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There’s so much going on here I’m not even really sure where to start.

EP’s Donkey costume looks a little bit like he picked it up at a Furries convention and not at the same Party City where the rest of the boys found their Shrek, Piggies, Gingerbread Man, and Princess Fiona costumes. But the real winner here is clearly Boeser – who knows what he looks like and is leaning into it instead of trying for literally anything else, which would automatically come up short.

And because EP’s donkey costume is probably the wildest thing about him, here’s yet another picture of it:

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And in the morning… I’m makin waffles! #donkaë

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