From all of us here at Oilersnation, I wanted to jump on the Internet machine this morning to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year. I hope that wherever you were last night when the clock struck midnight was filled with happiness and that whatever you got up to hasn’t handed you a devastating hangover that will keep you paralyzed in bed until the early hours of the afternoon.

It goes without saying that it’s been another weird year (I feel like that’s being nice) to be an Oilers fan, especially considering the way they started the 2019-20 season. Over the last calendar year, the team has handed us all kinds of highs and lows that have made being a fan of this franchise both exhilarating and devastating depending on the week or month. I mean, if New Years had happened back in October, we’d all be talking about how much fun the upcoming playoff run was going to be but, flash forward two months, and we’re back to wondering what the hell is going on around here. The inconsistency has been baffling and because of that unfortunate fact, the playoffs are once again in limbo for the fourth time in the first five years of Connor McDavid’s career which is a disaster in waiting.

For Oilers fans, 2019 has been a winding road through trash land and I, personally, won’t be overly upset to see it go since there’s just no way that next year could possibly be as bad. Right? RIGHT?! As is the case with any fresh start be it new years or otherwise, there are plenty of questions that will need answers as the Oilers start to turn the pages of the new calendar. How long will this management team watch and wait while the team spins its wheels, relying heavily on their stars to produce nearly all of the offence? How long will the diseased tentacles of Peter Chiarelli remain with the franchise before they’re able to be severed forever? Will Dave Tippett and his staff be able to turn things around for the second half of the season? Who will SIUTBOHC? Only time will tell, but we’re all fortunate that we’re able to navigate those waters together.

To wrap things up, I wanted this article off with a few New Year’s resolutions for the Edmonton Oilers in the hopes that they will have a much better 2020 than they did 2019. Is that too much to ask? No, I didn’t think so either. Happy hangovers, everybody.


  • You will respect Connor McDavid’s career by surrounding him with GOOD players.
  • You will NOT treat the best players on this team as whipping boys because the team is struggling. At some point, we all have to collectively realize how much depth matters and that it’s impossible to win when you only have a handful of players that can consistently contribute.
  • You will support the goaltenders with adequate defensive zone coverage.
  • Speaking of goaltenders, you will find an adequate backup goaltender that’s able to provide effective spot relief.
  • You will purge the dead weight from this roster and clear millions of dollars in cap space in the process.
  • You will no longer be surprised when the only movies that come out are weird remakes of things you remember from your childhood.
  • As always, you will still be down with O.P.P.