In step with the attention we pay to technology, the one we give to our health and physical activity that we practice at an amateur level has also grown. This is how the technological gadgets dedicated to the control of bodily functions were born, very fashionable accessories especially in recent years. Among these we also find the heart rate monitor watch: it is an electronic device designed to detect the beating of our heart in real time and show us the heart rate.

Heart rate is very important for perceiving a person’s health and the level of effort our heart is subjected to especially during exercise; for example, if the heart rate was too high during a workout, the coronary arteries would be placed under stress and would not be able to pump enough blood towards the heart, risking causing serious complications.

Precisely because of the importance linked to the heart rate, it is good to have a heart rate watch to wear whenever physical exercise takes place and to focus on brands that offer reliable and good quality output products.

Heart rate monitor watch, what it is?

As stated above, its main purpose is to monitor the heart rate. This data can be used to check your performance and adjust the intensity of your workout to get the maximum without risking negative health consequences. The heart rate monitor watch is designed for users who practice amateur sports or fitness workouts and not for sports professionals.

There are heart rate watches of many models passing from the basic ones that only measure the beat to those with a myriad of additional functions such as for example the counting of calories burned, the pedometer or stopwatches; some even allow you to save workout data on your smartphone.

Heart rate and effort limits

During training, the greater the effort, the higher the heart rate and it is very important to know your maximum limit to avoid exceeding it. You can calculate your limit through an easy equation:
Maximum heart rate = 220 – Age

So, if you are twenty, your maximum heart rate will be 200. Exceeding your limit can damage your heart.
If you have recently started exercising, we recommend setting your limit to a value around 50% of the maximum heart rate found using the formula above. Your heart rate monitor will alert you if you end up exceeding the set limit. After a few months of training, you can review the limit and increase it to start burning more calories and support more intense physical activities.

Heart rate monitor watch, how to choose it.

Let’s see what are some of the desirable features depending on the use of your heart rate monitor.
If you love jogging and running, we advise you to focus on a heart rate monitor watch equipped with a GPS system; the only disadvantage of this function is the battery consumption which will limit the autonomy of your watch. Before buying one, spend some time trying them out in the store to find the simplest and fastest one to set so that you can save time while using and viewing data. Finally, if equipped with an app to connect to smartphones, make sure it is compatible with your phone. You can find various sportwatches with heart monitor by clicking here.