On August 17th, our friends at Sherwood Ford have partnered up with Chase the Cure YEG in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research, and we wanted to use our platform to help get a few more eyes on the event. While I know this isn’t a hockey article, I do know how many of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another, and I thought it was important to take a few minutes to talk about a wonderful event that’s happening in the city this weekend.

Coming up tomorrow (August 17th), the team at Chase the Cure YEG has organized a wonderful event called the Race of Honour at the Edmonton International Raceway from 4-9pm with a goal of getting everyone together to raise funds and awareness to help kick the horrible disease that has affected so many. In my own family, there have been several people that have undergone treatment for varying types of cancer and, as a result, I’m always in favour of supporting events that aim to help move things forward.


What is Chase for a Cure?

Simply put, Chase the Cure YEG is an organization comprised of race car drivers, family, friends and crew that have made it the main goal to raise awareness for cancer research and prevention. On August 17 at Edmonton International Raceway from 4-9 pm, they’ll be hosting their Race of Honour Event, a race that will give spectators a great time for an even better cause. 

All proceeds and donations to Race of Honour will be used to benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation in its pursuit of research and prevention of the disease – we’re happy to announce that as part of our partnership with the organization, our very own OilersNation #NATIONTRUCK will be the official pace car for the races! 

If you don’t have the money to donate, that’s completely understandable, but I would still ask that you help us spread the word by sharing the link for donations or the article itself. If you are able to make a donation or would like further details about tomorrow’s event, check out the following link. Thanks for the time, Nation, I appreciate you.