Having an all-Canadian division as part of its return to play method is one alternative being considered by the NHL, but specialists state the league will probably still require to use center cities to host video games.

Deputy NHL commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN that the continued closure of the border between Canada and the U.S. due to the COVID-19 pandemic is a major element impacting how the league will operate in the upcoming season.

"One possibility is to create a competitors within the league amongst the Canadian clubs," Daly stated.

Earl Brown, a professor emeritus in biochemistry, microbiology and immunology at the University of Ottawa, stated health authorities are still battling to control the increasing variety of cases on both sides of the border.

"Given that there's a resurgence of COVID ... I believe you are going to have to have the bubble concept going again," Brown said.

"It becomes a possibility [for groups] to move from city to city, however it does create a lot of need on NHL owners and franchises."

SEE Moshe Lander, a senior lecturer in the economics of sports, video gaming and gambling at Concordia University, stated both the NHL and NBA held successful playoffs using bubble cities."The truth is the NHL and the NBA have actually revealed that putting people in one place, no travel, is efficient," Lander said. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has stated the league hopes to begin a brand-new season Jan. 1. NHL reports no COVID-19 cases after 65 days in bubbles:

The Tampa Bay Lightning took house the Stanley Cup, but the NHL is also commemorating. NHL officials have stated they must be versatile in their preparation.