You’ve been with your girlfriend for a while, and you’re as deep in love as you can be. You want to get her something to show how much you love her, so why not some diamonds? They’re a girl’s best friend, after all.

If you’re thinking of popping the question or just want to buy your significant other something nice, then keep reading. We will tell you all about the different cuts of diamonds.


This is the most popular shape for diamonds since its shape allows for the maximum amount of light reflected. What this means is it’ll definitely sparkle and catch everyone’s eyes.

This is the most expensive cut since their yield is low and the demand is very high.


Oval cut diamonds are a great alternative to round cuts. There’s more customization since you can choose how wide or narrow the diamond is.

If your loved one has short and stubby fingers, an oval cut can help elongate their appearance, which makes them more advantageous than round cut diamonds.


Princess cut diamonds have only been around since the 1980s but are extremely popular. They’re shaped like a 4-sided pyramid and while they’re usually square cut, you can also get them as rectangles.

They’re typically used for engagement rings and usually cost less than round cut diamonds.


Marquise diamonds are football-shaped and date all the way back to the time of King Louis XIV.

Like the oval cut, marquise diamonds are long and narrow, which can create a more flattering appearance of shorter and fatter fingers. Similarly, you can also choose how thin or wide the diamond is cut.


If you like the round and marquise cuts, but can’t decide between them, then try the pear cut. This is a combination of the two.

You can choose the diamond’s width like with the other two. The tapered, narrow end of the diamond always points towards the hand of the person wearing it.


This diamond is square-shaped with round corners. This is a chunkier cut that may not suit everyone’s tastes.


If your girlfriend doesn’t like bright and shiny jewelry, choose an emerald cut. Instead of reflecting tons of light, this cut has a mirror effect instead.


The Asscher cut is similar to the square emerald cut but has larger step facets. You can get it in square or rectangular shapes.


The radiant cut is usually square, but you can get it in rectangular cuts too. This option has a complete brilliant-cut facet pattern on both the crown and pavilion.

Choose From Different Cuts of Diamonds

Now that you know a little bit about the different cuts of diamonds, you should have a better time choosing a great piece of jewelry for your loved one. So get yourself to a jewelry store or online shop, pick out an amazing piece, and impress your significant other!

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