Graysen Cameron, centre, between teammates Derek Patter, left, and Nick Shumlanski in the healthcare facility after the 2018 crash that left 16 individuals dead. Cameron, left, returned to the Broncos this previous season, presuming the function of captain with all its charitable responsibilities. After returning to the Broncos, Cameron typically passed the site of the lethal crash outside Tisdale, Sask.- Seamus Gregory, head coach at Northland College, on his recruiting journey. Seamus Gregory, head coach of the Northland College Lumberjacks, drove 17 hours from Wisconsin to persuade Cameron to attend the school.

In the hours that followed the horrific Humboldt Broncos bus crash on the evening of April 6, 2018 and as the complete scope of the tragedy was being realized, there was that photo-- 3 boys on health center beds holding hands.

Teammates Derek Patter, Nick Shumlanski and Graysen Cameron were sticking to one another.In that moment they might have never known what was before them. That scene, in those painful early days, was powerful. Patter, a 20-year-old forward, suffered bleeding

outside his brain, as well as best shin and fibula fractures, a nasal bone fracture and substantial cuts and swellings. Shumlanski, a 21-year-old forward, sustained a fractured bone behind his ear and a lumbar avulsion fracture however walked away from the crash.

Both were able to resume playing hockey the next season.

Cameron was wedged between Patter and Shumlanski wearing a neck brace. He suffered a broken back, concussion and eye injury-- playing hockey again wasn't even in the realm of factor to consider.

"I was undoubtedly told I couldn't play after breaking my back. I accepted the fact that I wouldn't play again." Cameron told CBC Sports today.

The 20-year-old from Olds, Alta. would play once again. And is now on a path he thought had disappeared.

Graysen Cameron, centre, between colleagues Derek Patter, left, and Nick Shumlanski in the health center after the 2018 crash that left 16 people dead.( Twitter/rjpatter )Cameron has a hard time to find the words to explain his healing. His rehabilitation has actually been absolutely nothing except exceptional. Seven months after breaking his back in April 2018 he went through surgical treatment to "get rid of some hardware" still left in his body-- screws along his spinal column and steel rod.

"That's when the physician stated I could get those out and it would be a possibility to play again," Cameron stated.

That flicker of hope fanned a burning desire deep within Cameron to keep moving on and perhaps one day go back out onto the ice.

There were dark days to be sure. But it remained in those still, quiet, searching minutes he was getting clearer on how he wanted to live his life.

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-20,17.599 -21.799 V10.113 z"> - Graysen Cameron on his recovery" I believe that's when you find out the most about yourself. A great deal of things I never thought I would handle previously. It was a big wake-up call for me,"Cameron said." I would state the in 2015 things have changed the most on how I look at life. Perspective is the big one."You can always find methods to look at things negatively and you can constantly discover methods to take a look at things positively." Just two months after that last surgical treatment to remove all the steel from his body in November 2018, Cameron was walking. Mindful, slow, heavy steps. It wasn't long after that he was working out again. Getting back into hockey, which seemed difficult, was now beginning to come into focus.

"I didn't desire to get too fired up about it in case it didn't exercise however inside I was delighted,"Cameron stated. Cameron began strolling with ease, exercising gently and making his return into the game. His first stop on the journey back was with his former Midget AAA group, the Red Deer Optimist Chiefs. There, he invested a season as an assistant coach, every now and then putting on the skates and working out with the group."It was awful. I was so out of shape,"Cameron said."Once I got the consent from the medical professional to go full steam, the first two or 3 ice times were not so fun."VIEW