The Leafs picked a historic win in Game Four, and hockey history says don’t mess with a winning lineup. That being said, there were 56 minutes of hockey that weren’t going great before things took a positive turn for the Leafs, and perhaps they could use some help tonight.

So, yeah, those are some good players to have at the Leafs disposal in an all or nothing situation. The question remains, who stays in and who comes out?

Arguably those answers would be pretty easy too, and Marincin and Mikheyev would come out, as Marincin is Marincin and Mikheyev hasn’t been particularly good in against Columbus. Watching a game might not be a bad idea for him.

As interesting as adding Johnsson and Muzzin would be, we just know what we’ve seen from those two tweets and certainly Sheldon Keefe isn’t letting it be known what he is planning.

Nothing like a little pregame intrigue before a deciding game.