Originally hired back in 2017, Jack Han was brought in as a part of the Research and Development staff that was growing at a rampant rate. Known for his video work, Han has now been moved through the organization and is now an Assistant Coach with the Toronto Marlies.

Han will be working directly with Head Coach Sheldon Keefe, and fellow assistants A.J. MacLean and Rob Davison.

Unfortunately, his Twitter account has been dark since he was hired two years ago, but it was filled with these “#1MinuteTactics” videos that perfectly explain and demonstrate with on-ice examples how certain plays would result in higher success and all that useful stuff.

He was hired by the Leafs from McGill University, as he was their video and analytics coach for their women’s team before he was picked up by Toronto. During that time, Bob McKenzie wrote a feature on Han, if you want to get to know the new assistant coach better and his philosophies on coaching, read it here.

As the Leafs promote these individuals into more active roles and currently have a General Manager that will always take as much data as he can, Toronto appears to be the most forward-thinking franchise in terms of their personnel that’s running their operations. Looking beyond hockey, but into baseball, basketball and football, each team is moving towards the direction the Leafs are. Most of them are well ahead any team in the NHL when it comes to applying that data to the strategy and on-field/court play.

But with each new hire, it becomes more cemented how much data is used and appreciated throughout the Leafs organization.