Lots left to be identified in sports world in wake of coronavirus:

When leagues all needed to shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, they left a great deal of concern marks. 2:13

Spezza truly got that possibility after Babcock, who clearly didn't have self-confidence in the former No. 1 centre's defensive acumen in the bottom-6 forward group, was fired in November with the Leafs floundering.

In walked Sheldon Keefe with new ideas and new techniques, ones more matched to Spezza's game.

"My role ended up being a bit more specified," he said. "I was able to focus on just playing and being a positive impact every night, and less so about remaining in the lineup. That helped me understand what my role was and what was expected of me. I got a growing number of comfortable with the systems and just my place in the team and knowing that different nights I was going to move around the lineup.

"It was fun, it was a terrific challenge, simply getting myself prepared every night and belonging of an amazing team."

Spezza, who desires to continue playing and hopes to do so with the Leafs whenever hockey resumes, has 9 goals and 16 helps in 58 games this season, simply two points shy of his output in 76 contests with the Dallas Stars in 2018-19.

With time to show during the COVID-19 pandemic that required a pause to the 2019-20 schedule-- it's anybody's guess when or if this season can be restored-- the Toronto local said he saw development in the Leafs' youth-infused, talent-rich core including Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander.

There were declaration wins and awkward losses, however Spezza thinks the group that was in a playoff area when the NHL suspended operations will be much better off as an outcome.

"There's a lot more ownership of what's going on in the space," he stated. "Our young stars were able to have conversations with each other [and] with other men on the group that possibly they weren't comfortable having early on in the season. As much as it draws to go through this as a team and have to have a hard time and build and address questions and obtain out of losing streaks, I believe in the long run it's something that we required.

"Now to have a chance to have a break and look back on things, it will only help us determine what we can do in a different way and progress."

ENJOY "We definitely didn't cruise through the routine season," Spezza stated on a conference call Tuesday."Hockey's a video game where there's injuries, there's modifications, things take place and your function can shift in a day," Spezza stated. If it was a gameday that I was playing, then get all set for the game."Those are amazing men to have in the locker room," Spezza stated."My love for the video game has actually probably enabled me to play as long as I have," he said.