I hope Nick Shore isn’t a fan of airports, because it’s going to be a long time before he sees one again.

The Winnipeg Jets (named after the gang from West Side Story, not a plane because no one in Winnipeg has seen one) have claimed Nick Shore off of waivers today at noon.

The decision is likely based on the injuries to Bryan Little and Mark Letestu, and the fact that the Jets really like making waivers claims this year.

Nick Shore is from Winnipeg, which might make you think he’s excited about heading there, but as someone who has moved out of Winnipeg, I can assure you that Nick Shore is not happy about having to return. It may or may not beat playing in the KHL again, but it’s what he signed up for by returning to the NHL, so off he goes…

The numbers on Nick Shore this year aren’t impressive…

GP 21
TOI 174
CF% 44.79
XGF% 34.31
HDCF% 27.59
G 2
A 1
P 3

…and it seems the only real reason to be upset about this claim is the minor hit the Leafs will be taking to their center depth, although Spezza thriving in the role when needed and the emergence of Pierre Engvall made Nick Shore extremely expendable, so really do we want to analyze this any further.

The Leafs gain another standard player contract to do with what they please over the course of the season, and now have the roster space to add Mitch Marner back to the lineup, although one more demotion will be required for cap purposes. We’ll wait and see if that happens today, as Pierre Engvall can still be sent down without requiring waivers.