Winnipeg Jets defence gamer Tucker Poolman was back on the ice at practice Sunday after recovering from COVID-19.

Poolman, 27, was identified with the virus a day after the Jets' first season video game on Jan. 15, a spokesperson for the group said in an email.

"I was at house, me and my fiancée, and got the call and she might hear the phone as I was talking," Poolman informed reporters after practice.

"My eyes got sort of large and it was like, how did that happen?"

Poolman said his symptoms-- body, tiredness and fever aches-- didn't appear until the day after he was informed of his positive test result.

His fiancée contracted COVID-19 a week later on, he said.

A Jets spokesperson said no other members of the team or personnel contracted COVID-19-- something Poolman stated was a relief for him.

"Glad to be back around the team. I'm thankful no one else got it, so that was a huge plus for me," he said.