With speculation swirling around the Canucks being interested in unrestricted free agent defenceman Tyler Myers, we looked to our friends at JetsNation to let us know about the season that the big, 29-year-old had in 2018-19. Here’s what they had to say:

With rumours swirling around Tyler Myers, nobody knows where he’s going to end up next season. Does that mean he’s played his last game in Winnipeg? While that’s definitely a possibility, we will have to wait until next week to know for certain. In the meantime let’s take a look at his past season in today’s Pilot’s Logbook.

On the surface, it was another average season for Tyler Myers. Almost everything he did fell exactly in line with what we should expect given his history in the NHL. He scored 31 points, which is roughly average for his career. He played 20:21 per game which is slightly lower than any of his previous seasons, but nothing truly out of the ordinary.

Even when looking at the advanced stats, they look fairly consistent to prior years. He finished the year near the middle of the pack with an on-ice xGoals% of 47.4%. He also finished near the middle of the squad in SCF% with 47.82%. All of these average numbers coincide with his shot maps as both offensively and defensively he was slightly below average.

It seems as though the future is going to be awfully rich for Tyler Myers. Some people reported Myers was looking for a possible deal worth around $8 million per season. If you think that’s far too much, you’re right.

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