Summertime seems to be prime time for #HockeyTwitter to ask some fun, relatively unimportant questions that can still make for good conversation. Last week was some sort of one on one showdown for your very survival, this weekend Twitter user @Adam_Campbell67 asked a much simpler question:

This inspired us to come up with a handful of top five lists we’re going to roll out over the next month, but for today we the staff and members of JetsNation are going go with the original question and give you our own personal top five favorite Winnipeg Jets.

For handy reference, we’ve also provided out own twitter accounts for you to follow and either complement or call us out on if you so choose.

Art M – Twitter: @GameTimeArt

1 – Dustin Byfuglien
2 – Patrik Laine
3 – Adam Lowry
4 – Mark Scheifele
5 – Nik Ehlers

Buff forever and always as long as he has a Jets logo on his chest will be my favorite player on this club. His knack for crushing people is near legend status by now, he has a helluva shot and is an underrated personality both on the ice and in post-game interviews – when he in fact grants them. Laine as a sniper gets second billing, Lowry is Swift Current Broncos alumni and I will always have a soft spot for those players. Scheifele is an easy pick for my top five and Ehlers is so much fun to watch with his speed and sick handling.

Cassie M – Twitter: @CassieMoiser

1 – Blake Wheeler
2 – Dustin Byfuglien
3 – Nik Ehlers
4 – Mark Schiefele
5 – Connor Hellebuyck

Wheels is a good old Minnesota boy, plus a former Golden Gopher, which means I automatically have a soft spot for him. I’m never going to forget this goal.

Buff and his antics, combined with the hits he throws puts him at second for me, plus, I’m still not over him manhandling two guys at once two seasons ago. Ehlers speed is always fun to watch and I get to holler “DASHING DANE” on twitter when he scores, which is equally fun. Rounding out my top five are Scheifele and Hellebuyck because you honestly can’t have Wheeler without Schiefele these days and I’m a sucker for good goaltending.

Cody B – Twitter: @JetsNPodcast

1 – Mark Scheifele
2 – Blake Wheeler
3 – Josh Morrissey
4 – Kyle Connor
5 – Andrew Copp

I’ve been a huge fan of Scheifele since he was drafted. I like the way he handles himself off the ice and I like the way he plays on it. I like Wheeler as captain and his style of game. Morrissey is a guy I’ve been pulling for since he was drafted and I like the way he has turned into a top defenceman. Love Connor’s shot and speed and Copp’s defensive reliability. Adam Lowry is probably 6th with Nik Ehlers close as well. It’s tough to choose a favourite.

Eric M – Twitter: @PalmerCurling

1 – Patrik Laine
2 – Dustin Byfuglien
3 – Mathieu Perrault
4 – Blake Wheeler
5 – Kyle Connor

I’ve yet to grow old of hollering in the Jets Reddit Discord “Laine is my son” and I doubt I will for as long as he wears a Jets sweater; with five-goal nights and ridiculous one timer goals, he is a human highlight reel, and witnessing the evolution of his game over the past seasons has been truly enjoyable. Byfuglien provides highlights on the ice with his hits and off the ice with his oh so GIF-able facial expressions. Perrault brings a smile to my face when I see how much he simply enjoys the game, and Hockey Jesus also has some classic still shots of his excitement after on ice success. Wheeler and Connor provide on ice excitement in a very enjoyable manner, and I definitely love watching their game (and it was finish this list strong or go meme a bit and have this list be ’99-’00 Thrashers in honour of the 20th anniversary of this franchise…)

Sean O

1 – Mark Scheifele
2 – Nik Ehlers
3 – Blake Wheeler
4 – Adam Lowry
5 – Dustin Byfuglien

To me Scheifele is the original Jet. As the first draft pick, when we all learnt the name of our team he holds a special place in my heart. I will never forget chanting his name after his 2 and 2 performance in the first pre season game. Likewise Byfuglien immediately endeared himself to the city with two hits and a fight on the first shift of the same game. When Ehlers gets going he is one of the most exciting players on the team if not the league. Wheeler represents this city beautifully and Lowry represents the every man.

Zee – Twitter: @zeedlle

1 – Mark Scheifele
2 – Nik Ehlers
3 – Josh Morrissey
4 – Jack Roslovic
5 – Kyle Connor

First of all, Scheifs was the first person to be drafted as a Jet, he’s forever got a special place in Jets history. Nik Ehlers because I could watch that boy skate all day! Josh Morrissey, it’s been fun watching him come up and be an absolute force on the blue line. Then I’m rounding this out with Roslovic and Connor because they never fail to impress me when they’re on the ice and they’re very much part of the new wave of young guys that are going to help take the Jets to the next level.

KB – Twitter: @bballbuhler

1 – Josh Morrissey
2 – Mark Scheifele
3 – Dustin Byfuglien
4 – Patrik Laine
5 – Nik Ehlers

I’ve always been a fan of Morrissey. He plays such a sound all-around game without needing to make flashy plays. He’s essentially everything that is needed in a modern day defensman. Scheifele just seems like a great person. He’s relatable in the way he talks to the media and how he conducts himself off the ice. Byfuglien, Laine, and Ehlers are so much fun to watch, albeit in different ways. Byfuglien can physically take over, Laine can take over by sniping and Ehlers can use his blazing speed to score some nifty goals.

There you have it, those are our top five lists and amazingly enough there isn’t a single Jet who shows up on all of them which is maybe fitting because I am certain if you asked a large group of Jets fans, you’d come up with some varied lists…

Which of course brings us to you. Who are your top five favorite Jets at the moment? We encourage you to reply to Adam Campbell’s original tweet (we’ll also retweet it on on Twitter feed) but be sure to tag us @NHLJetsNation as well so we can share with all Jets fans!