Today on JetsNation AirMail, we take a look at the Winnipeg Jets goaltending future, if this current run in November that has seen the Jets climb to second place in the Central Division is in fact sustainable, and if there is anyone on the Manitoba Moose that should get a look on the Jets fourth line.

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Sean S: I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from Berdin this year so far. Whether his game will translate well into the NHL is a very big question mark. If Brossoit is another cheap re-sign we might opt to give Berdin another year in the A to develop. Ask this again in March and we’ll have a much clearer picture.

Art: Two years ago I wouldn’t have even thought this was going to be a question we’d be asking about him but he’s really adjusted well to the AHL game. If it was me calling the shots, I’d probably want to go with one more season after this with an established NHL backup that the Jets could get on the cheap and let Berdin at least start the 2020-21 season with the AHL, but I’d also be looking to bring him up a time or two and give him some NHL starts as well. Heck, that’s maybe something they could do this season.

Sean O: I’d really like to see him get another full year as a starter. He is still young, especially for a goaltender, I don’t think he benefits from sitting on the bench for 50-60 games. I’d rather find a place filler for a year and let him get some more games under his belt.

Sean S: We 100% are being bailed out by goaltending. Vezina-buyck has shown up again this year and he’s covering for glaring mistakes on from our forwards. This rag-tag team of defence has started showing signs of life (Unsurprisingly after Anthony Bitetto was benched!) and that’s helping significantly but our forwards really need to start picking it up if we want to make a playoff run.

Art: It’s not “sustainable” as it stands now, but I’d argue that there are quite a few teams doing well this season that are doing things that might not be sustainable over 82 games or a playoff run. I feel like fans and media get a bit too hung up sometimes on the “how” a team won and look at something like the fact the Jets are getting unreal goaltending and instantly go to “well this can’t last..” Know what else can’t last? The fact Patrik Laine is shooting just 6.3% (his career average is 15.1%) I don’t want to be the guy that says “relax, everything will be fine” but I do feel like it’s too early to say that the bottom will fall out sooner than later.

Sean O: If the Jets play like this all year they will likely be watching come playoff time. Hellebuyck has bailed them out big time. That being said some of their big guns offensively seem to be getting chances and just not getting goals. I expect Connor and Laine will bounce closer to their career averages. If it all meets somewhere in the middle the Jets will still be a flawed team, but may be good enough to see some playoff games

Sean S: Swap out Joona Luoto and Logan Shaw for Jansen Harkins and Andrei Chibisov for starters. Both guys have been big pieces for the moose so far and deserve at least a chance. Can’t be any worse than our 4th line now, can it?

Art: I’d just like to see Shaw swapped out for Chibisov. I thought Chibisov had earned more of a look after the solid pre-season he had and never got a chance in the regular season for whatever reason. Let’s see Luoto – Gustafsson – Chibisov for a bit. I am willing to bet the results would be a tad bit better.

Sean: See above. Both David Gustfsson and Luoto work in that role and if love to see the big Russian get a chance to play with them. That said if these guys are only on the ice 6 minutes a game you won’t get anything out of whoever is on the ice.