Ready to feel old?

With the No. 112 pick in this year’s draft, the Los Angeles Kings selected Juho Markkanen, son of former Edmonton Oilers goaltender Jussi Markkanen.

Jussi Markkanen was selected by the Oilers back in 2001 with the No. 133 pick and made his NHL debut immediately after. In the 2001-02 season, Markkanen posted a .929 save percentage over 14 games with the Oilers. At the end of that season, in April, his son Juho was born in Edmonton.

And now, here we are 18 years later and Juho is on his way to becoming an NHL goaltender, just like Jussi.

Seeing the sons of former players getting drafted and breaking into the league is obviously nothing new. But this one hits different because it really doesn’t feel like that long ago that Markkanen was playing in Edmonton. Then again, the 2006 playoff run was 14 years ago, which is kind of mind-blowing to think about.

Other second-generation players in this year’s draft with names you’ll recognize… Jake Sanderson, son of short-term Oiler Geoff Sanderson, went to Ottawa with the No. 5 overall pick. Kyle Aucoin, son of Adrian Aucoin, and Kienan Draper, son of Kris Draper, went to Detroit, and Ryder Rolston, son of Brian Rolston, went to Colorado.

Oh man, where has the time gone?