In what may be the first of many moves to deal with the run of injuries on the Leafs, the Leafs put Scott Sabourin on waivers…

The thing is, Sabourin wasn’t previously signed to the Leafs, he had a deal with the Marlies. Putting him on waivers means it’s a SPC contract now and if he clears waivers he’s eligible to join the Leafs.

Sabourin’s biggest claim to fame is getting owned by Auston Matthews, so that’s great. Beyond that Scott is a long time AHL tough guy who got 35 games on a bad Senators team last year. He picked up 6 points and 33 PIMs.

Sabourin would potentially replace some of the physical and enforcer qualities of Wayne Simmonds game, but not much else. Depending on their opponent they may want that some nights. We don’t have the contract info yet, but we’ll assume it’s not more than $700k.

Update: They signed him for what we said they would sign him at.