The Leafs continue to loan out their AHL/AHL-bound players to any European team that can accommodate them. Semyon Der-Arguchintsev (SDA) is being sent to Torpedo of the KHL.

First off, Torpedo is a bad ass team name, and their jerseys are equally fire. They might end up selling a lot of merchandise to impulsive Leafs fans. Secondly, Der-Arguchintsev getting a chance to play at a high level after spending past four seasons in the OHL is a great opportunity for him.

2016-17  Peterborough Petes OHL 63 8 21 29 2
2017-18  Peterborough Petes OHL 68 12 39 51 18
2018-19  Peterborough Petes OHL 62 6 40 46 20
 Newfoundland Growlers ECHL 3 1 1 2 0
2019-20  Peterborough Petes OHL 55 12 63 75 23

SDA had a nice rebound last year after a setback in his post draft year, we’ll see how he progresses in pro hockey.

Given that it is a loan agreement, we’ll likely see SDA given the opportunity to return and earn his spot on the Marlies, but given that Der-Arguchintsev hasn’t played since March, this is a great opportunity for him to have his best shot at earning a key role on the AHL team.

The news of SDA comes on a day when we were considering the fate of his Peterborough Petes teammate, Nick Robertson, and where he will play the 2021 season. While Europe wasn’t previously considered as an option for him, the Leafs might be wise to find a loan agreement for him as well.

Where will Nick Robertson play?