Here’s the thing about the Leafs and Russians, they’ve got a pretty solid track record over the past few years. The fact that the KHL and MHL are in full swing should put a bit more of a priority on drafting players in professional overseas leagues.

What happened here is the Leafs had a player, Dmitri Ovchinnikov that they wanted and they went for him.

Now as far as the player, Ovchinnikov is a 5’10 forward, that was a point per game player in the MHL last year, and has 7 points in his first 6 games this year.

From Elite Prospects:

He plays with pace, attacks the inside, cuts through traffic, makes flashy net drives, and creates passing lane. He identifies the trailer and teammates through layers. Defensively, Ovchinnikov brings refined decision-making and discipline. He supports the play, keeps an active stick to deter passes, and brings a consistent effort.

Ovchinnikov didn’t find his way into a ton of rankings, but these seems like the Leafs going off the board a little, which isn’t exactly a surprise at this point of the draft. This also puts the Leafs down to 3 selections in the 6th round and 2 in 7th.