The NHL had no cases in the bubble during the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs, however what's next for the league? NHL reports no COVID-19 cases after 65 days in bubbles:

The Tampa Bay Lightning took home the Stanley Cup, however the NHL is also commemorating. The NHL used bubbles in Toronto and Edmonton to effectively host its Stanley Cup playoffs. Lander

suggested the concept of regional bubbles based on the NHL's 4 departments. A look inside the NHL bubbles:

Photographer Dave Sandford offers insight into what life is like inside the NHL bubble for teams and players in Edmonton. An appearance inside the NHL bubbles:

Photographer Dave Sandford provides insight into what life resembles inside the NHL bubble for teams and players in Edmonton. He states everyone is taking the guidelines surrounding the pandemic very seriously. 9:21 Crossing the border remains a huge issue. The Toronto Blue Jays played their Major League Baseball house games at their

top minor-league affiliate's arena in Buffalo, N.Y., this season. The Jays were forced to make the relocation after the federal government declined a plan for the club and checking out teams to remain in the hotel inside Rogers Centre and never ever leave the center throughout stints in Toronto. Canada's three Major League Soccer

groups were likewise forced to transfer in U.S. cities to play games. Natalie Mohamed, a representative for the general public Health Agency of Canada, stated the resumption of sports events in Canada must follow the federal government's plan "to reduce the importation and spread of COVID-19.""The government is open to reviewing additional proposals from the National Hockey League that consists of a comprehensive public health strategy agreed to by the Government of Canada and acquiring written assistance from provincial or territorial public health officials,"

Mohamed told CBC Sports in an e-mail. There have been recommendations the NHL may be forced to decrease the number of video games groups play. If fans are enabled, it will likely be far less than what structures generally seat. No

matter what occurs, owners will still lose millions of dollars."I do not see them generating income in the coming year,"said Lander."It's simply going to be a matter of trying to reduce losses."