Well, if you thought the Leafs could use a bit more size in the line up, good news, Pierre Engvall has been recalled.

If you thought the Leafs need to play feistier, bad news, Trevor Moore has been placed on the injured reserve.

What are they adding with Engvall?

Well, Engvall has 16 points in 15 games in the AHL. Seven of those points are goals, and goals are best.

Engvall is also 6’5, and baby, that’s just something they can’t teach.

The long and the (not so) short of the Engvall recall is that Engvall is a sometimes winger, more often than not now center who has taken big strides over his time with the Marlies, and in fact the entire time he’s been with the Leafs organization. There has been a consistent improvement in Engvall’s game that has led him to this moment, and as much as the Leafs trainer room is filling up with bodies, this is at least a little bit exciting to get a look at an up and comer in the organization.

Where will Engvall fit in?

As excited as we may be about his arrival, let’s assume that initially Engvall is going to be watching a couple of games, as the extended road trip warrants having a spare body in the press box, as recalls aren’t as easy when everyone is in Toronto. Beyond that, Engvall could be an interesting option in the bottom six, and wonder if they will try to get him playing with fellow Marlie graduate Dmytro Timashov in a hope to recapture their AHL glory days.

As for Moore…

Well, as much as I would like to kick rocks over Moore being out of the lineup, his dwindling production and his sliding down the lineup makes this less substantial than any of the other injury issues the Leafs have had to deal with this year. He’s still adding value doing what he’s mainly on the Leafs to do, and that is to apply pressure when the Leafs don’t have the puck, but arguably that’s something that Engvall should be able to replace adequately, as he too is a strong two way player. Sometimes a minor shakeup and a player being excited to be with the team can create a spark, and hopefully the Engvall arrival is that.