Not to be too controversial, but I think the Leafs could really use Mitch Marner right now. His return to the Leafs gives Toronto their most optimized lineup of the year, unless you think that Trevor Moore needs to return before we can officially say the Leafs are at 100%.

How the lines are going to look is a bit of a mystery, since there wasn’t a practice today and Keefe hasn’t been able to really unveil much in the way of plans for Marner other than the one practice we saw of him with Mikheyev and Tavares, so for now the best bet is they are together and Jason Spezza’s whereabouts are the next significant piece of discussion.

Marincin & Petan down

I’ll admit that I clearly missed something somewhere along the way where Nic Petan didn’t require waivers for this demotion, and the same with Martin Marincin. My understanding was both of them had maxed out their days with the Leafs and would require waivers again. Evidently I was wrong on this, and both are on their way back to the Colosseum, which brings us the additional good news of Pierre Engvall getting an extended look with the Leafs while we wait on what’s happening with Trevor Moore.

Both Petan and Marincin are important depth for the organization, and keeping them around is a win, though it’s funny that they were both able to clear waivers multiple times and Nick Shore disappears on the first pass.

Mason Marchment is healthy!

This is a bit of an interesting addition to the story as well. Marchment was showing some real promise with the Marlies at the end of last season, and unfortunately has had that progress derailed until now. His hardnosed and antagonistic style of play is something the Leafs could use, and if he is able to get himself back to where he was last year it seems possible he’ll too get a look with the Leafs at some point.

Let’s not forget that Mitch Marner is back!

That’s a very good thing and suddenly tonight’s game seems a lot more tolerable.