You know it’s a slow news day when we’re putting together Marlies roundups, but here we are. This is life a week after free agency, and hopefully this isn’t how we roll for the foreseeable future. I guess beggars can’t be choosers and Marlies news is better than nothing, so here we go.

First up…

Does that name sound familiar? Here’s why…

Yes, the Marlies brought in the guy that Auston Matthews mocked at the beginning of last season. That should make for an interesting training camp meetup, but it’s doubtful they’ll cross paths too often as Sabourin is on an AHL deal and will be on the Marlies rink as soon as it opens up.

Sabourin gives the Marlies a little toughness as well, which is interesting that added it, after bringing back Rich Clune yesterday.

Toronto Marlies re-sign Rich Clune to one-year AHL contract

Sabourin is also coming off a season with a rather serious injury from a poorly placed hit.

Hopefully he has fully recovered from that scary incident and this is an opportunity to get his career back on track. The 28 year old played 35 games for the Senators last season after being a seven year AHL veteran.

Bracco Signed!!! (In Carolina)

After being a highly touted prospect heading into his draft year, the Leafs took a chance on Bracco and quickly learned he had an allergy to any ice time that wasn’t on the powerplay. Hilarious once referred to as the second best playmaker in the organization, it didn’t take long to realize that Bracco wasn’t going to be a fit for the Leafs and alleged off ice problems from his days in Kitchener might have lingered into his time with the Marlies. His departure probably improves the Marlies through attrition and gives a roster spot to someone who the organization can hopefully develop instead of a player that never seemed like he wanted to be there.

These Marlies moves follow the signing early in the week of old wooden ship captain/hockey player Rourke Chartier

Toronto Marlies sign Rourke Chartier to one-year AHL contract

The Marlies have certainly been busy, and when you also consider the strong possibility that Aaron Dell, Joey Anderson, and Travis Boyd could all see time with the Marlies as well, it will be a radically new roster next season.

It’s very likely we’ll see even more changes coming, as there will be a number of near NHL caliber players looking for contracts in North America, and the Marlies can compensate better than most AHL organizations. We could see another Calder Cup in Toronto in the near future.